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28th October 2009

08:30am -10:00am

St. Andrews House, Norwich, NR2 4TP

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David Patterson - Learning Light

The first event was a great success with a number of organisations getting together to discuss how elearning and learning technologies could make a difference to their organisation. The forum also attracted a great deal of interest from people outside of Norfolk with a number of speakers interested in coming to the event in the future.

David Patterson, Head of Partnerships from Learning Light talked about the role of Learning Light and how working with leading global organisations and thinkers in the industry enables them to continuously improve by learning from experience. There is a document on Rapid elearning available within the Resources section.

There were a number of mobile technology devices on show with people invited to try them out and see how they are currently being used in business and education.

Andy Powell - Second Life

Despite some initial technical problems we managed to get things going! Harry opened things up with a quick tour of the City College Island and also showed us some of his favourite places.

Andy did a short presentation within second life showing us how elements could be built and the different ways in which the environment could be used.

The now famous Johnny Lee wii remote video was also shown. A standard wii remote controller is turned into an interactive whiteboard with a few bits from maplin, a projector and some software!

For more information about Second Life visit

The Customer Feedback Company

Jonathan Newcombe from The Customer Feedback held an interactive session demonstrating how companies like Tesco, Costa Coffee and Wagamama are using mobile phone feedback systems to learn more about their customers, staff, products and services. The possibilities for the technology are vast from workplace assessment to voting polls.

The session featured a live demo where the feedback system was
tested with delegates asked to vote on the e-learning forum!

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