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28th October 2009

08:30am -10:00am

St. Andrews House, Norwich, NR2 4TP

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Events planned for 2009

We have 4 events planned for 2009 starting with Alphasmart in
March and a Special Education Needs event later in the year.

New norfolk e-learning forum emailer launched

We have started an email newsletter to let you know about new
events. If you are having problems getting the email please email

Blog, Blog, Blog

Real Projects have started an e-learning blog with details and
thoughts about what is happening in e-learning. Visit the blog at

New website launched

To make is easier for you to reserve your place, download documents and see what’s on we’ve launched a new website! If you have any comments please let Scott or Harry know.

Second Life Whitepaper available

David Patterson from Learning Light has allowed us to distribute their whitepaper on Second Life. You can download the pdf from the resources section.

Guests from around the UK

We have had quite a bit of interest in the Norfolk elearning forum. We have a number of guests from across the UK who will be joining us within Second Life for our next event!

Online Booking

You can use our booking form to request up to 4 tickets at a time for any of our events. Remember all our events are currently free.

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