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28th October 2009

08:30am -10:00am

St. Andrews House, Norwich, NR2 4TP

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1st Session - reference material

In our first session David Patterson referenced a number of books:

Michael Allen:     “creating successful e-learning – a rapid system” Pfeiffer (Wiley) ISBN 0-7879-8300-4

Jon Ingham:      “ Strategic Human Capital Management” – Butterworth-Heinemann ISBN -13 978-0-7506-8134-6

 Jay Cross:      “Informal learning” Pfeiffer (Wiley) ISBN-13 978-0-7879-8169-3

Second Life - John Helmer

Learning Light have very kindly donated a whitepaper on Second Life.

 John Helmer wrote about Second Life…

“Many people see in Second Life an opportunity to carry out learning projects that constraints of geography or cost would make impossible through traditional, real world means. Others see in it a chance to engage a younger generation of learners1 impatient with the traditional forms of Education and Training. Beyond these more immediate concerns, many see in it a way to advance the practice of learning itself, creating new pedagogies, and extending and modifying old ones. Many, again, including large corporate companies such as IBM and Intel, see it as the shape of things to come – a proof of concept for the emerging 3D internet.”

Click here to download PDF

Rapid elearning - A quick guide

David also spoke about Rapid elearning during his presentation. He has provided this guide to rapid elearning which you are free to download.

It includes tips and advice about how to create rapid elearning material as well as how to re-use existing content.

Click here to download PDF

Virtual Worlds

This whitepaper discusses second life and virtual worlds. In particular it looks at Second Life as a learning environment taking into account the advantages and disadvantages.

Click here to download PDF

e-learning - what is it good for?

A free paper from Learning Age Solutions aimed at those taking their first steps with e-learning. It looks at where e-learning works well, and also where you should consider other training methods.

Click here to download PDF

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